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What I'm All About

I am the product of my environment.  Being the daughter of an artist, I am engrained with a deep appreciation for the arts.  As a little girl I would sneak into my dads studio and write my name on the back of all the paintings that I wanted for myself (I would still do this but I don't think it would still be viewed as cute).  Even though I loved and admired what my dad did I never thought I would grow up to work and live that lifestyle. 


It wasn't until my parents took me to the John Singer Sargent exhibition in Washington D.C that my outlook and passions changed.  As we made our way through the museum containing Sargent's masterpieces we were about to exit one room and enter another.  At first I thought the room in front of me was adorned with large windows, filling the space with sunlight.  Upon entry it is quickly determined that there are no windows, just a massive muralistic painting depicting WWI soldiers that have been affected by mustard gas.  The soldiers stand in a single file line using each other for support and guidance.  The painting is titled, "Gassed", and is 7'7" x 20'1" and done completely in yellow hues.  I was enchanted and amazed.  The painting is exuberating light and vibrancy but depicting such pain and darkness.  It was at this moment that art graduated from something my dad did, to something I want to be a part of.

Fast forward a decade or two.  Today I am working as an artist representative, searching for artists with fundamental talent and looking at artwork for a living.  As an artist rep I aim to establish meaningful relationships with artists and patrons and then bring the two together.  There are so many beautiful creations out there and an abundancy of people to enjoy them.  My main goal is to move artwork from the studio to someones interior decor, adorning walls with fundamental elegance.

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