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Geoff Parker is a Plein Air artist which is a french term meaning "open air".  A style of painting that puts the artist in front of their subject matter and allows them to be one with their setting and encompass what the eye actually sees.  Geoff works primarily with oils on canvas and frames his works in 22 karat gold gilded frames.  He travels extensively and tells the stories of his journeys through his artwork.  He is considered to paint with a representational style while displaying some impressionistic techinques.

Geoff S. Parker

Bridger was, in all sense of the word, a child prodigy.  When he was only a child he exhibited a profound talent that caught the attention of some of Americas great plein air painters including Geoff S. Parker, T. Allen Lawson, Clyde Aspevig and Kathy Wipfler.  Having had some of the greatest mentors of our times and mixing their fundamental influence with his own style he has created his own artistic identity that portrays a wonderful representation of the world around him and the unique way he views it.

Bridger Konkel

Jeremy Martin is a photograher with a nostaligic and fundamental view of the art.  He believes in "getting it right" in camera.  Jeremy conceptualizes light and detail and works to capture the fundamental beauty in both. His photographs are raw and real and they represent the bold truth in light and composition.

Jeremy Martin

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